Eco display

  • does any one know how to enable eco mode I have looked through ccc with my ucds but dont see any thing relating to the eco mode

  • Gwe89

    Hat den Titel des Themas von „Eco mode display“ zu „Eco display“ geändert.
  • In ELM Config this feature is on Page 2, right side, 7th entry from the top under the menu Trip computer.

    There are threee features available: without trip computer, with trip computer & with trip computer and Eco scout.

    I see you drive a 2009 model. I don't think this feature will work in a pre-facelift.

  • it partially works - but not all of the functions seem to react to driving. I would have expected the FL IPC to process these figures

  • it seems only anticipation works with FL Convers in PreFL. interested to know why though :)