My keyless entry project

  • with help from a friend I now have my own keyless entry I took the time to log the ms canbus and found the ID for the RFA module and the data needed to lock and unlock the car via sending canbus messages, (I had to go through many logs until i found the data I needed) I have used a ardunio Leonardo canbus board and a genuine hm-10 BLE bluetooth module, and my Samsung gear watch, the sketch consists of searching for devices and when there is a match it will execute the unlock cmd when the BLE no longer sees the device it counts a set device lost (10times) then it will execute the lock cmd which now double locks the car, after some tweaking and adding some extra code to the sketch it so far works flawlessly I have just about got it working right I have videos but can't upload videos to show my project but here's a pic of my project v1 test set up next step is to put this into a project box with a power supply and solder all connections for better reliability

  • Hi Gwe89,

    that's awesome! How do you manage the triggering for searching after the device? Originally at keyless entry there are microswitches which trigger the special unlocking mechanism (at least they wake up the control unit for that procedure an it then is checking for permission etc.) for the door you try to open and I think the others are opened with the usual motors.

    Not having that microswitch in the door means that you in theory have to look periodically. Obviously the period determines how much power you will need between two openings.



  • the sketch executes the unlock cmd when the device (my watch) is in range,

    The unlock cmd is the unlock canbus ID and data that I found after logging the canbus for some time and played the messages back one by one untill I found the correct ones I needed, and the lock cmd executes when the device is not in range, after 10 lost device counters it's then executed, I had alot of help with the sketch as I'm new too learning with coding ect but it's been an intresting project

  • Hi Gwe89,

    thats clear but does not answer my question about power management in locked state.

    How often does the Arduino try to ping the car? Do you extend the period when the time since the last lock gets longer? And then the questions will be which limit is acceptable (depending on the range of the wireless) and which tradeoff between waiting and power saving is the best?

    Ford is powering down after a defined time so the keyless opening will take a little bit longer. If the range of the wireless is 10 meters, you might think about an interval of 5 seconds. But this still takes power. Not too much by bluetooth but you should think about that. 10 meters might not be practicable if your garage is integrated to your house or you have a carport next to it as the car might stay unlocked with forces you to check more often for your watch and to lower the wireless range (if possible).

    Because of that the original locks do have a microswitch which definiately will tell the control unit that somebody wants to access the car. This saves power and the life of the actuators as they do not unlock when you are just passing your car but don't want to go inside. You should think about some triggering mechanism for the unlocking procedure.

    As I said, project is very interesting, but still in the beginning ;-) .



  • it works from approx 1 meter from the car so if there is a wall inbetween it won't pick up my watch and unlock my car, it only sends data when the watch is in range and sends data once when the watch is not in range, power management is not a problem as the ardunio and BLE use very little power my car tracker will consume more power than the ardunio, it's always in a state of searching but a bluetooth BLE uses so little power that I don't need to worry about it, if the car was parked up long term I can easily disconnect the ardunio or even better when I wire it to my cars tracker I can disable it via sending a sms to my tracker I can also turn off the bluetooth on my watch if I don't want it to interact with my keyless unlock

  • Call me old-fashioned, but for me the original keyless-system in the MK4 is perfect. It opens on pulling the door handle if the key is in range, and - it reacts very fast. For me, the MK4 was the first one having Keyless-Entry, so i expected all systems to work this way. But as i drove a new Focus or Mondeo i found that those cars have an noticeable delay between pulling the handle and unlocking the doors. That's totally annoying if you pull, nothing happens, then release and the door opens.

    Just my two cent - and not to disrespect your work, it's a nice project, even if i personally would ever prefer the genuine variant.

  • I wanted the genuine variant but cost and parts + wiring, played a big role into making my own, the parts needed for oem are not easily to come by

    Same as acc I would havenot fitted this to my car if it was not from a friend who Let me take it off his car

  • plus here in the UK alot of keyless entry cars are getting stolen a thief would not know I have my keyless system they would just look and think it's just a keyless go

  • Hi,

    who will steal a 10 year old Mondeo Mk4?

    I have spent 300€ + 80 for the driver door wiring harness (have lost the auction :-) ) . If you are mixing between the different door lock actuators then you can build this pretty cheap as you can combine double lock with keyless and so on.



  • thing is they do get stolen why would I have said it if they did not!! Like I said genuine is far to expensive and parts are hard to find my bluetooth lock has cost me around £90 And I don't have to mess around fitting OEM ripping the car a part fitting wiring ect my device plugs into obd and done